Farmers Central Cooperative Society

Farmers' Central Cooperative Society Ltd (FCCS)


SYNECO is in line with the objectives of the Farmers Central Cooperative Society Ltd. (FCCS) as it aims to enhance the quality of the agricultural produce that its members cultivate as well as to enhance the technical skills of the farmers in the application and management of fertilizer.

The FCCS is made up of seven primary co-operatives, namely: Dingli Farmers’ Co-Operative, Mgarr Farmers’ Co-Operative, Qormi Farmers’ Co-Operative, Rabat Farmers’ Co-Operative, St. Paul’s Bay Farmers’ Co-Operative, Siggiewi/Zebbug Farmers’ Co-Operative, as well as Zabbar Farmers’ Co-Operative. The FCCS comprises around one thousand farmers who deliver their products at the Pitkali Centre, Ta’ Qali. This co-operative strives to obtain the best prices for its farmers, who altogether represent around 50% of the products sold at the Pitkali Markets.