SYNECO is a project currently being carried out by the Farmers Central Cooperative Society Ltd. (FCCS) in close collaboration with the cattle (Koperattiva Produtturi tal-Halib) and pig (Koperattiva ta’ min Irabbi l-Majjal) cooperatives.

FCCS is the largest fruit and vegetable farmers’ cooperative in Malta. The FCCS has recently embarked on a research project, financed by the European Union (Rural Development Programme for Malta 2014-2020, co-financing rate 75% European Union Funds and 25% National Funds) to recycle manure nutrients for fertilising.

Through SYNECO, the FCCS will make the farmer a protagonist to help shape the future agricultural economic model. SYNECO will exploit the nutrients from the slurry and at the same time challenge climate and environmental issues more forcefully and directly