SYNECO – The Technology

To optimise the size of the mobile technology, a Project Description Statement has just been submitted to the Planning Authority so that a 1m3 per hour biogas facility is installed to recover the ammonia more efficiently and to handle the volumes of the slurry more effectively. The latter consideration is important to contain the size of the mobile technology and make it suitable to access the smaller farms (without a biogas facility) or otherwise farms that have poor or difficult access. The smaller farms will be serviced by the mobile technology only, but the larger farms will be equipped with a biogas plant to assist the treatment process. SYNECO is for the development of one biogas plant on one pig and cow farm to proof the concept described above.

Once processed, the digestate will be treated further (on farm) using the mobile plant that is concurrently being design/developed through SYNECO. With this mobile technology, SYNECO can recover 80% of the input amounts as technically clean water as well as solid and liquid fertiliser from the digestate. The clear water will be used to augment the water reservoirs on farm whilst the fertiliser will be used for the crop and soil trials concurrently being implemented through SYNECO too.